Corrugated Roof for the Win

Recently our customer built a his second tree house resort in the Finger Lakes region of New York.  These elevated A frames are built on a treated timber platform 6 feet over the ground and are connected by a elevated tree walk.  We knew they were going to be amazing, but what we did not expect was how much we would love the corrugated metal roofing we used on the project.

Corrugated metal roofing is cost effective, robust enough to deliver to remote sites and easy to install.  We selected matte black 7/8"  panels.  The panels are full length with exposed fasteners.  IT LOOKS AMAZING!  

You might think corrugated looks agricultural, or haphazard, but when the results here are clean, modern and impressive.   Because the A frame, by nature, has a long roof, using the corrugated is a great option to eliminate "oil canning"  which takes away from a clean minimalist aesthetic.  Further, standing seam often is bent onsite bc it doesnt stack or travel well adding an additionl coordination item that just might not be necessary

   In this project, we are so glad we went with corrugated.