Exploring "Outsulation"

In developing a mass timber building kit, we cannot get very far before we must assess the thermal performance of a building.   Mass timber has some benefits in this area:

1) Airtight- Because the elements are solid and large format, it does not take too much work to tape up the seams (joints) and keep the outside air out.

2) Thermal Resistance- CLT alone posses a decent R value.  We estimate about R1 per inch of wood thickness reducing the need for insulation.

3) Code Compliance-  When used as a wall, CLT can be categorized as a "Mass Wall" - like a log cabin- and can subject to a reduced requirement by code.  

Nonetheless, in almost every situation, the mass timber dwelling requires insulation.  Where we place that insulation presents a challenge. Because our goal is to reduce the number of parts in a building creating wall cavities can be undesirable.  In a recent project we have eliminated the cavity wall are using a continuous RIGID WOOD FIBER INSULATION envelope! Take a look below

A lot to be excited about if you are super into cellulose (we are)!