It can't cost less than cheap construction, can it?

Let's ignore quality. Let's ignore sustainability. Lets pretend that money is the only think that matters. 

1) Mass timber kits are a fixed cost.   Unlike stick-framed unit, Red Falls Timber will provide a price for a specific kit to arrive on your specific site, on a specific day.  It serves as an anchor in your project's budget.  The cost of your kit does not go up or down, or increase when bad weather causes delays onsite. 

2)  The kit is manufactured to millimeter tolerances.  Therefore, every fit out material, fixture and built-in can be fabricated precisely, without having to worry about unexpected site conditions.  When Red Falls Timber Co. coordinates a kit, we consider the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and Fit out items before it gets fabricated, so our customers can choose economical and readily available products.  

3) Mass timber kits save on labor.  If your project is in a market where quality labor and contractors are hard to come by - which is pretty much everywhere-  than an easy to assembly flat pack kit will save labor cost.

4) Reduce "The Trades." Besides creating a fast and efficient building envelope, Red Falls Timber Co. advocates for utilizing visual quality timbers to save on internal finishes.  When your structure is made from  beautiful engineered timber, you don't need a drywaller or a painter on your site -   So you can strike that line item from your budget...

Overall, the economics are different for every project, but we are confident that its less expensive than you think.

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