Logistics and Transportation

In prefabricated construction, logistics and delivery represent a cost in terms of dollars as well as carbon.  Sourcing material far from your building site means these costs increase, however, its important to put these costs into perspective:

A 40' shipping container of massive timber typically holds approximately  30-35 M3 of timber (in residential construction, this is approximately 1000-1200 sq ft of finished floor area).  The massive timber is profoundly carbon negative.  Approximately, one half of its mass is carbon.  Therefore, it would take several trips around the globe by typical sea freight before the transportation carbon cost exceeded the embedded carbon value of the timber elements.  

Below is a diagram showing how utilizing mass timber fits into the carbon cycle.

Carbon Cycle

Shipping and handling containers is a cost to always be considered when comparing suppliers.  Importing timber from overseas, requires the payment of duties at the border, it requires specialized knowledge and logistics management.   Therefore Red Falls Timber Co. always presents our customers the cost  of logistics transparently. 

Finally, we ensure our goods are planned and packaged with logistics efficiency in mind. Recently, Red Falls Timber Co. fit 4 small off-grid cabin kits into 1 shipping container.