Spruce Tips

The Mighty Norway Spruce - Picea abies- is synonymous with mass timber.  

In North America we see it as a fast growing ornamental tree for the yard, but it is the backbone of the European timber industry.  Norway Spruce grown in the high altitude of the Austrian Alps, or the high latitudes in Finland and Norway is a strong a tight grained timber with a smooth pale appearance.

CLT and Glulam are available in a range of visual grades.  From "Non-visual Quality" showing knots and glue lines, to "Domestic Quality" with clear grain and a sanded surfaces.  Other species employed by Red Falls Timber Co include:

-Southern Yellow Pine - domestically sourced structural lumber

-Larch - durable glulam elements

-Scots Pine - pressure impregnated prefabricated timber

Norway  Spruce Forest